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Warwick Academy

A Day in the Life

Between 7:45am and 8:00am each morning, Reception students are helped out of their cars and through the gates by some of their teachers and assistant teachers. They proceed to their classroom, where the remaining Reception Year staff help them to unpack their zippies and organize their belongings into their cubbies. On days when the children have Specialist lessons beginning at 8:00am, they play inside the classrooms and work on fine motor skills, through participating in activities like puzzles, colouring, and writing, or enjoy sharing and discussing books with their friends. On days without Specialist lessons, the children play outside, with a variety of toys designed to promote Physical Development, such as bikes, cars, scooters, hula hoops and balls.

Typically, Reception students begin their day with a carpet time, where they sing welcome songs, look at the calendar and discuss the schedule for the day and week ahead. They also review the Golden Rules and discuss any whole class targets. This routine allows the children to settle into school and prepare for the learning time ahead. This also serves as a time to touch base with the students and for them to share special news in their lives, whether it is a new pet or sibling, a medal from a sporting event, or what they ate for breakfast! The children then formally begin their lessons for the day at 8:30am (unless they have a specialist lesson, which begins at 8am).

Reception students have their recess break between 10am and 11am. Weather permitting, the children eat outside as a year group, at picnic benches under a shaded canopy. Following the Nutrition Policy, the children have fruits and vegetables, and a healthy nutrient rich snack before heading to one of our enriching play spaces to socialize with friends.

Following playtime, the students come inside for lessons. They complete hands on letter games and phonics activities in small groups, and then return to their classroom for a short formal lesson.

The students come back outside for lunch at 12:00pm and then have another outdoor playtime, where they can use the climbing frame, bake treats in the mud kitchen, drive vehicles or engage in creative free play.

At 1pm, the children return inside for a quiet time, where they can refocus and prepare themselves for afternoon learning. This time is also used to further develop language and literacy skills, with teachers, parent volunteers and members of our Leadership team visiting to read the children stories.

Reception Year students are dismissed from school at 2:30pm. The school provides Cubs Club from dismissal until 5:30pm; an after-school care programme for a nominal fee.

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