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In Primary at Warwick Academy, we follow the UK National Curriculum in all subjects. We have integrated other supporting curricula that have been written based on UK learning goals and offer great advantages. In mathematics we use a Singapore teaching model that emphasises the use of concrete materials and abstract reasoning. We adopted the International Primary Curriculum in Science and Humanities for the benefits of a cross curricular approach and a focus on research skills and global awareness.  

In Lower Primary, Year 1 to Year 3, Class Teachers teach: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Art. In addition, Specialist teachers are involved in the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Physical Education (PE), Music, Computing and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). 

Each year group covers five units of study a year. Units are studied for approximately five weeks. Each unit of study aims to integrate the curriculum areas where possible. Every year group has a dedicated Bermuda unit to cover the island's history, geography and culture.  

Assessment in Primary is based on criteria from the UK National Curriculum. We use this structure to ensure greater consistency within subjects. The use of these criteria to assess means that achievement can be qualified against a set of specific attainment targets as opposed to "homespun" standards. 

Learning enrichment in Primary is provided through the effective use of assistant teachers allocated to the year groups. In Year 2, our Reading Intervention programme supports those children in need of a little extra input with their reading. In Year 3, we add a Learning Support programme. You can read more about our robust Learning Enrichment Department under the “Learning Enrichment “ tab. 

Homework in the Primary section builds gradually. We start in Years 1 and 2 with reading every day at home as the focus. Spelling work in Year 2 is gradually added along with essential number work in Year 3.  

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