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Warwick Academy


Strategic Team

  • David Horan


  • Maria Woods

    Head of Primary

  • Mark Thorpe

    Head of Secondary

  • Susan Sousa

    Deputy Head of Primary: Pastoral Care

  • Jill Finnigan

    Deputy Head: Co-Curriculars, Privacy Officer

  • Rachael Sully

    Deputy Head of Secondary: Pastoral Care

  • Rebeka Sousa

    Deputy Head of Secondary: Curriculum

  • Nicole Pantry

    Deputy Head of Primary: Curriculum

Primary Staff

  • Abigail Alvera

    Reception Teacher

  • Nancy Andrews-Sousa

    Primary Learning Enrichment Year 5 & 6

  • Melanie Barnett

    Year 6 Homeroom Teacher & Teacher of Year 6 Mathematics

  • Davidson Bishop

    Primary Music Coordinator

  • Elizabeth Bothello

    Year 5 Homeroom Teacher & Teacher of Year 5 Mathematics

  • Molly Cordeiro

    Primary Teacher of Year 4

  • Nicola Correia

    Teacher of Primary Computing, Digital Literacy Coordinator

  • Nicole Correia

    Primary Year 3 Teacher / Art Co-ordinator

  • Sharon Edness

    Assistant Teacher in Year 2, Reading Room Responsibility

  • Julia Ferguson

    Head of Primary Learning Enrichment, Primary Reading Intervention Teacher

  • Dustin Ferris

    Primary Physical Education Coordinator

  • Melissa Ferreira

    Primary Secretary

  • Jill Finnigan

    Deputy Head: Co-Curriculars, Primary Learning Enrichment & Year 1 PE

  • Sherraine Fleming

    Primary Year 3 Teacher, Teacher Lower Primary Pastoral Co-ordinator

  • Karen Floyd

    Assistant Teacher of Year 3, Play Development Coordinator

  • Margo Furbert

    Primary Assistant Teacher Year 4 & Year 5 Booster Teacher

  • Vanessa Gaiton

    Assistant Teacher of Year 1

  • Christine Gutteridge

    Teacher of Year 1

  • Carol Hassell

    Teacher Assistant Reception

  • Jeanne Hodgkins

    Primary Learning Enrichment Year 3 & 4, Primary Student Leadership Co-ordinator

  • Joanne Kennedy

    Primary Teacher of French & Spanish

  • Amber Lambert

    Assistant Teacher Reception

  • Katrina Kawaley-Lathan

    Reception Year Lead Teacher

  • Stanton Lewis

    Teacher of Primary Physical Education

  • Susan Malpas

    Teacher of Reception

  • Veronica Medeiros

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Anna Moniz

    Reception Year Receptionist w Assistant Teacher Responsibilities

  • Lindsay Myers

    Teacher of Year 4

  • Deborah Nearon

    Year 6 Homeroom Teacher, Year 5 & 6 Primary Assistant Teacher, Primary English Co-ordinator

  • Nicole Pantry

    Deputy Head of Primary: Curriculum, Teacher of PSHE

  • Julia Parker

    Teacher of Year 2, Humanities & IPC Co-ordinator

  • Le-Ann Perry

    Teacher of Year 1, Play Development Coordinator

  • Lauren Shah

    Year 5 Homeroom Teacher & Teacher of Year 5 Science & Humanities

  • Shaunay Simons

    Primary Teaching Assistant Year 1

  • Susan Sousa

    Deputy Head of Primary: Pastoral; Teacher of PSHE

  • Robin Stowe

    Year 6 Homeroom Teacher & Teacher of Year 6 Science and Humanities, Science Co-ordinator

  • Richard Todd

    Club Technical Director

  • Sarah Webber

    Year 6 Teacher English, Upper Primary Pastoral Co-ordinator

  • Maria Woods

    Head of Primary

  • Christopher White

    Primary Teacher of Year 5, Literacy

After School Care

  • Tamara Kamara

    Director of After School Supervision

  • Ashley Burrows

    Bears' Club Supervisor

  • Sarabi Outerbridge-Dill

    Bears' Club Supervisor

  • Jenna Ferreira

    Bears' Club After School Assistant

  • Tracey Gibbons

    Bears' Club Supervisor

  • Nakisha Gilbert

    Deputy Director of After School Supervision

  • Ellianna Goonewardene

    Bears' Club After school Assistant

  • Kaylee Lema

    Bears' Club Supervisor

  • Sylde'sha-Dill

    Bears' Club Supervisor

  • Ty'Esha Smith

    Bears' Club After School Assistant

  • Tahj Trott

    Bears' Club Supervisor

Secondary Staff

  • Sarah Bowers

    Head of Faculty: Creative & Technical Arts

  • Luke Burgess

    Secondary Teacher of Psychology & Humanities

  • Kerry McPhail-Dill

    Head of Learning Enrichment, Learning Enrichment Y7-9 

  • Conor Doherty

    Teacher of Physical Education

  • Brandon Campbell

    Teacher of English, Asst Head of KS3, Head of House

  • Daniel Cavanagh

    Teacher of Psychology & History 

  • Philip Chantler

    Teacher of History

  • Beatriz Cobeño López

    Teacher of Spanish & French, KS3 MFL Coordinator

  • Janet Conway

    Teacher of Mathematics, WAPTA Representative 

  • Edward Dawson

    Physics and Marine Science Technician, Yearbook Co-ordinator

  • Daniel DeSilva

    Teacher of Art, Lead Teacher

  • Kellan DeSilva

    Teacher of English

  • Lucy Etheridge

    Design & Technology Lead Teacher

  • Victoria Evans

    Head of Department: English, Teacher of English, Teacher Mentor

  • Deanna Friesen

    Teacher of Music, Choir

  • Jennifer Goodwin

    Teacher of Humanities, English, Art

  • Joseph Gouldby

    Teacher of Mathematics

  • Shelly Grace

    Teacher of Wellbeing, Asst. Head of Sixth Form, CAS Co-ordinator, Staff Mentor

  • Mark Hamilton

    ICT Coordinator, Teacher of ICT and Computing

  • Jennifer Hind

    Teacher of English

  • Jack Higson

    Teacher of Physics & Science, Assistant Head of Key Stage 4, Head of House

  • Amanda Ingham

    Teacher of Humanities, Head of Key Stage 3, Silver DOE Coordinator, CIS Co-ordinator

  • Sara Jackson

    Teacher of Business, Director of Sixth Form Studies

  • Joanna Jackson-Smith

    Teacher of French & Spanish, KS3 MFL Coordinator

  • Oscar Jimenez

    Teacher of Spanish & French

  • Shabnam Kolia

    Head of Department: Humanities

  • Karolyn Lack

    Learning Enrichment Y10-13

  • Andrea Langerman

    Teacher of Physics & Science, Physics Lead Teacher

  • Kim Lightbourne

    Teacher of Business & BTEC, CP Reflective Project & Careers Coordinator

  • Charles Lowery

    Teacher of Mathematics

  • Matthew Mitchell

    Head of Economics, Business & Computer Science

  • Amelia Neill

    Teacher of French & Spanish

  • Abena Okanta-Ofori

    Head of Department: Modern Foreign Languages

  • Renee Parker

    Teacher of Chemistry & Science, Chemistry Co-Lead Teacher, Head of House

  • Roy Parker

    Teacher of Design and Technology

  • Kelly Reeves

    Head of Faculty: Science, Teacher of Biology, Psychology & Science 

  • Bismillah Richardson

    Assistant Head of Key Stage 3 (Year 9), Teacher of Mathematics

  • Conrad Roach

    Lead Teacher of Music

  • Daniel Roberts

    Teacher of Business & Economics

  • Jeff Schwartje

    Teacher of Geography & Global Citizenship, KS3 Humanities Coordinator, Co-Curricular Co-ordinator, Head of House

  • Stefanie Sinclair

    Teacher of English, IB CP & DP Core Co-ordinator; US Applications; Curriculum Coordinator

  • Alistair Smith

    Head of Department: Mathematics

  • Ben Smith

    Head Swim Coach

  • Heidi Smith

    Head of Counselling Services & Child Protection Lead

  • Rebeka Sousa

    Deputy Head of Secondary: Curriculum, Teacher of Mathematics

  • Rachael Sully

    Deputy Head of Secondary: Pastoral Care, Teacher of Mathematics

  • Ruth Sudlow

    Secondary Teacher of English, KS3 English Co-ordinator

  • Brian Swan

    Teacher of Music

  • Kevin Thompson

    Teacher of Chemistry & Science, Chemistry Co-Lead Teacher

  • Mark Thorpe

    Head of Secondary, Teacher of Chemistry

  • Mark Thorne

    Head of Department: Physical Education, Activities Director

  • Richard Todd

    Club Technical Director

  • Eric Totten

    Teacher of Computer Science & ICT

  • Don Vickers

    School Counsellor, Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

  • Alan Walters

    Secondary Teacher of Computer Science & ICT, KS3 Computer Science Coordinator

  • Julianne Whitburn

    Teacher of Food & Nutrition, Lead Food & Nutrition Teacher

  • Tim White

    Teacher of Biology & Science, Biology Lead Teacher

  • Simon Jones

    Teacher of English, Asst. Head of Key Stage 4

  • Rosalind Wingate

    Science Lab Technician, Marine Science Co-ordinator

  • Ralph Woods

    Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Geography & Global Citizenship

  • Jessica Young

    Teacher of Biology, Science, ESS, KS3 Science & Enrichment Coordinator

Primary & Secondary Library

  • Francoise Palau-Wolffe


Administration & Finance

  • Mary Hazlewood

    Director of Finance & Administration

  • Rochelle Lee

    Director of Admissions

  • Susan Fitzsimmons

    Data Systems Manager, Examinations Officer

  • Stacy Hall

    Accounts Payable

  • Deborah Hassell

    Principal's Personal Assistant

  • Jessica McClure

    Front Desk Manager

  • Joanne Pearse

    Accounts Receivables

  • Leroy Rodgers

    Human Resource & Development Administrator, Health & Safety Officer

  • Joan Shadbolt

    Secretary to the Board of Governors


  • Jane Vickers

    Director of Development & Marketing

  • Wendy Madeiros

    Marketing & Communications Creative Director

  • Camryn Percy

    Development Manager


  • Gary McCullough

    Head of Facilities and Properties

  • Joshua McCullough

    Facilities Department Porter

  • Seymour (Roger) Ramatar

    Facilities Department Porter

  • John Thorne

    Facilities Comptroller

  • Jamaal White

    Facilities Department Porter

IT Support

  • Maurice Lowe

    Network Manager

  • TyRay Lathan

    Assistant Network Manager

  • Justin Silva

    Audio Visual Technician

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