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Warwick Academy

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Warwick Academy in your Will. Legacy gifts leave a lasting impact on the school and will help future generations of Warwick Academy students to reach their full potential.

Over the past 361 years Warwick owes much to its past benefactors. Those who have remembered the School in their wills have bequeathed not only buildings, but also scholarships, all contributing to the continued growth and development of the School.  In many ways, the provision of a donation to Warwick in your will is the greatest gift of all. It demonstrates the belief you have in all that Warwick stands for, achieves and continues to work towards while creating a living testimony to that affect beyond your death.

All gifts are very important and very welcomed. Whatever the size of your donation, it will support the schools mission to build on centuries of excellence, to provide an international educational environment designed for our diverse student body. Our innovative curriculum is delivered with a commitment to personalised pastoral care and enhanced by a dynamic co-curricular programme. We strive to create a culture of collaboration so that our students can become lifelong learners, global thinkers and successful leaders.

As a legacy donor, your support will have a transformational impact on our future. Thank you again for your consideration.

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