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Why Teach?

There is a growing need for qualified teachers in Bermuda. Our children and young people deserve to be taught by passionate, highly skilled, accredited teachers. As a private school with a public purpose, Warwick Academy is playing its part in helping Bermudians to train in this in-demand field.

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career; it is a privilege to play a part in the education and development of our young people. It is an opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives; as a teacher, you are helping to build the Bermuda of the future. Plus, there is never a dull day in the classroom when you are working with children and teenagers!

The Opportunity To Train On Island – Who is this course for? 

Warwick Academy is an International Initial Teacher Training (IITT) partner with the University of Sunderland.

You can train as a teacher without leaving the island, by conducting online distance learning with the University of Sunderland and completing two practical teaching placements at a local school. This route is especially suitable for professionals who are embarking upon a career change; it is convenient for those who have family responsibilities or would otherwise be unable to study overseas for a year.

Upon completing this 36-week course, you achieve your Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and meet the Bermuda Educator Council’s requirements to apply for your Educators’ Licence. You are then known as an Early Career Teacher and can take up your first paid post; it is current best practice to complete a further two-year, on-the-job training period where you continue to be supported by a mentor and guided in your day-to-day practice.

The Practical Details

If you are interested in completing your Initial Teacher Training (ITT), check out the University of Sunderland website to find out more about their courses, fees, and entry requirements:

If you would like to apply to Warwick Academy to do your two six-week teaching placements, you should:

  • Email our Teacher Mentor Ms. Victoria Evans at to register your interest
  • State what age group / subject you are interested in training in
  • Outline why you want to train as a teacher and what experience you have of working / volunteering with young people
  • Attach a copy of your CV (including full address and date of birth)
  • Attach a copy of your SCARS certificate (or indicate you have booked on a course)
  • Attach a copy of your police criminal check certificate, dated within the last six months (or indicate you are applying for one)
  • Confirm that you will be able to financially support yourself (and not need to work) during the two six-week practical blocks.
  • The final step is an informal interview with our Teacher Mentor and Principal.

We can potentially offer placements in all Primary phases and all Secondary subjects.

If you enrol with Sunderland for a September start, your placements at Warwick Academy will be between October-December and February-April. For a February enrolment, your placements will be April-May and September-October. We can currently accommodate two to three trainees a year.

Please note that, whilst we have employed a number of former trainees, training with us does not guarantee employment afterwards.

Former Trainees

Simon Jones worked as a journalist before re-training as a teacher. He completed his PGCE in 2018 and is now in his fifth year of teaching English at Warwick Academy; he is also the Head of Year 10.

Paddy Calow was Head Coach at the Beyond Rugby Programme before moving into teaching. He completed his PGCE in 2021 and is now in his second year of teaching PE at Dellwood Middle School.

Amber Lambert worked in compliance in insurance before switching careers. She completed her PGCE in 2022 and joined us as a Reception Year Teacher Assistant that same year.

Kellan DeSilva worked as a Communications Engineer, Junior Swim Coach and EMT volunteer before doing his PGCE course with us in 2022. He will be working as an English teacher at Warwick Academy from September 2023.

Daniel Roberts worked as an Insurance Executive and has just completed his training with us to become a Business and Economics Teacher.


Simon Jones: “After receiving my PGCE qualification from Sunderland I was very fortunate to complete my ECT years at Warwick Academy. The structured approach, that was modelled on the British system, provided me with considerable support and assistance to help me in the challenging first year. I was able to accumulate a portfolio of evidence to satisfy the various Teaching Standards that I still use to this day. Staff at Warwick were hugely helpful and kind in helping me navigate my first full year in the profession, and the support and assistance of my Teacher Mentor was invaluable. I owe the school and its staff a great deal for supporting and assisting me through my change in career from journalist to teacher.”

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