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We have a robust House system at Warwick Academy that spans generations. “ The house system is a traditional feature of UK based schools originating in England. The school is divided into subunits called 'houses' and each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrollment.” Our Houses are named to reflect past stewards of the school: Morgan, Patton, Rhodes and Robertson.  The House system encourages a sense of comradery while promoting healthy competition. The school tie includes a stripe in their respective House colour and students also wear house t-shirts for house events. The House colours are Morgan (Yellow), Patton (Green), Rhodes (red) and Robertson (Blue).

In Primary, our Y6 House Captains and Vice-Captains are voted into their leadership role annually by their Upper Primary contemporaries.  Students participate in a variety of inter-house activities throughout the year including such events as a swim gala and athletic sporting events. Students also earn House points in the classroom environment for reflecting our Golden Rules (see Pastoral section). House Captains and Vice-Captains present the House Cup weekly in whole school assembly.

In Secondary Y12 students can apply for a vast range of Leadership roles including the House Captains and Vice-Captains. We ensure the House events encompass both sporting and non-sporting events and we are award the House cup at the end of each term in final assembly. Examples of House events include Sports Day, Pi Competition, Y8 Science Fair, Interhouse Quiz. Our positive discipline system is also linked to the House System with all merits received by students contributing to the House totals. The weekly top merit winners are recognized in assembly and the newsletter and receive a merit badge in the colour of their respective house.

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