One of the areas we pride ourselves on at Warwick Academy is the innovative ways we have embraced technology and made it a central part of the school day and instruction.

The school has 8 computer labs and many of the classrooms are also set up for lab work. All PC's run the latest specs and are replaced every 3 years. In addition the school has folio tablets with built in keyboards to provide mobile solutions to classes and Mac computers for particular subject work such as in Art and Film Studies.

The campus runs a gigabit wireless network and has Wi-Fi coverage across the entire campus. The traditional Smartboards in every classroom are being replaced with 70" LCD non reflective screens which provide the instructional material in stunning colour even in classrooms with excessive light.

All student assignments are set on our Virtual Learning Environment along with school documents, important notices and daily timetables, and each Department has their course material and resources available online.

The extensive information on the VLE and access to personal drives is accessible to students, staff and parents while on and off campus. Students can access a personal desktop through a remote portal allowing any Operating System to run a virtual version of the school software.

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