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Warwick Academy

Welcome to the Reception Year

In the Reception Year, Warwick Academy’s youngest learners are welcomed to a big school environment and encouraged to grow to their full potential within the safety of a smaller cottage setting. Reception Year students are supported by warm, dedicated and highly trained staff, with the goal of making progress in all areas of the curriculum, no matter their starting point. Reception Year students learn primarily through play and exploration, with every play activity carefully selected to address a specific learning goal.

A day in the life at Warwick


Gates open. Teachers will help the children out of their cars and they will have the opportunity to practice fine motor or gross motor activities while waiting for their friends to arrive.


The children start their day with a morning carpet time or begin lessons with the Specialist teachers (PE. Music, MFL).


Centre Time. All the classrooms are open and the children have the opportunity to flow through the learning spaces, choosing the activities that interest them or the skills they need to practice. They will also complete an activity with the teacher in each room. Rooms available are the Literacy Room, Math Room, Science Room and the porch, which has Art, Dramatic Play, Building, and sensory activities.


Recess snack time and outdoor play


Children return to their homeroom class to have a formal lesson. This may have a Literacy, PSED (Personal Social Emotional Development), Math, Vocabulary or Communication focus.


Lunch Time


Outside Play


Quiet Time. Children have some time to cool off and prepare for afternoon learning. They spend this time listening stories, practising mindfulness, discussing and solving problems they may have had outside.


Afternoon Centres. Small groups of children spend the afternoon in one of the four indoor learning spaces. They have a mini lesson with the teacher, and then have the opportunity to choose the activities in that room. They will rotate to the other rooms throughout the week.


Students return to their homeroom class for a closing carpet time.

2:30 pm

Home time or Cubs Club activities

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