Work Experience

Unique to Year 10, students have the opportunity to shadow a professional during the two-day Work Experience Program in June. The aim of Work Experience is for the student to gain an insight into the expectations in the adult world of work, to develop their social skills, and to broaden their career plans for the future. At Warwick Academy, we feel it is important for students to be aware of lifestyles away from the classroom in order for them to see their learning in a broader context.

Students are placed in a company related to their career interests, where they have the chance to complete some basic work related tasks (e.g. filing, typing, attending a meeting, etc...) and gain insight into the day-to-day routines and procedures of an organization, through shadowing an employee or employees.



Calendar of Events

Mon Oct 23 @12:00AM
Half Term Holiday
Tue Oct 24 @12:00AM
Half Term Holiday
Wed Oct 25 @12:00AM
Half Term Holiday
Thu Oct 26 @12:00AM
Half Term Holiday



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