Warwick Academy aims to provide all students the opportunity to develop their physical abilities through a variety of fun activities during the academic year. Fitness will be gained through regular exercise and the students will be taught not only how to get fit, but also why it is important to be fit and that the activities followed in class and during activity afternoons will help build each student's self-esteem and direct them to a far healthier life style and lifelong participation.

The syllabus at Warwick Academy is designed to give each student a seamless transition from year 1 to year 13. The syllabus is based on the National Curriculum and students will cover a wide variety of topics to ensure they develop into balanced individuals. The main topics of each year include: swimming, invasion games such as football, net games such as volleyball, racquet sports such as badminton and for the younger students, either dance or gymnastics activities to help further their development.

Each lesson begins with an appropriate warm up and ends with a cool down period. Fitness will play a major part of most lessons either in the form of continuous training, circuit training, interval training, fartlek training, weight training or skills work. Skills development will remain a high priority as will the teaching importance of team work, tactics and good sportsmanship.


The modern sports facilities at Warwick Academy support the many aspects of a busy department. There is a 25 metre swimming pool which has the technology to be used all year. for: swimming, water polo, kayaking, life guard training, and aqua aerobics. It is used mainly by the school, but is also rented by various clubs and or organizations both before and after regular school hours. The state of the art gymnasium is used for the bulk of lessons and again is available to rent in the evenings and on weekends.

Topics covered in the gym range from cooperative games and gymnastics to sports such as: basketball, volleyball, indoor football (soccer), badminton, netball, cricket, tennis, tumbling and even 'ultimate Frisbee'. The facility is also used to test fitness and for various forms of fitness training.

The two extensive playing fields are used for all outdoor activities which include: football, rugby, cricket, netball and athletics and the property allows for cross country to remain within or near our perimeter.

The school has a dock at the northern end of our property which is presently used for swimming, lifesaving activities, sailing and kayaking. The school also makes use of several public and private facilities which expands what is offered to: tennis, golf, bowling, squash, field hockey, wall-climbing, Mountain biking, cross country, walking and rowing.

We have a healthy 'HOUSE' system and regular Sports Days are held to keep the school spirit alive.

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