Community Service

Community Service is an important aspect of the healthy development of one's spirit, mind and body and is an aspect of daily life that is strongly stressed at Warwick Academy.

When students become involved in community service they learn new skills, how to work with others, they expand their interests base and improve their self-esteem.  These are some of the reasons why community involvement is an integral part of the Well-Being programme at Warwick Academy.

It is expected that all students in the secondary school are to be involved in some aspect of Community Service each year. In Year 7 students must complete 10 hours, Year 8 15 hours, Year 9 20 hours and Year 10 and Year 11 25 hours.
Students must then reflect on the positive and negative aspects of their experience(s) in a written report. This leads into the CAS aspect of the I.B. programme.

CAS (creativity, action and service) requires students to complete 50 hours in each area during the 2 year programme, writing reports reflecting on their experiences, while explaining which of the I.B. learner outcomes they achieved in each activity.




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