Practical Arts

What is "Practical arts"?

The "Practical Arts Department" encompasses the subject disciplines of Art, Design Technology and Food and Nutrition. By definition, the skills required in these subjects are considered to be more "practical" than other subjects on offer at Warwick Academy.

Curriculum delivery

Y1 children have opportunities to express themselves through many forms of art work and study art and artists from around the world through cross curricular units of study.  We enter a number of annual art competitions each year in which our students always do well.

In order to deliver a reasonable experience of all subjects, during KS3 we offer a carousel timetable based loosely on the United Kingdom's National Curriculum format.

This is why the department "loosely" follows National Curriculum guidelines but subject teachers are also aware of the relative demands required by post KS3 curriculums and syllabi to attempt to reduce the skills deficit that can exist when starting studies at GCSE level and beyond.

In Y7 and 8, this allows a relatively short 11 week experience in each subject area.

In Y9, students reduce their options down to 2 subject areas, increasing their experience in these subjects to approximately 16 weeks.

In Y10, students choose whether to pursue their Practical Arts studies. Currently on offer are Art and Design, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Food and Nutrition. If studies in any of the Practical Arts subjects are continued, students will embark on 2 years of study culmination in final coursework and examinations in Y11.

At IB level, “Practical Arts” currently offer Art and Design Technology at both standard and higher level. The department also promotes the achievements of the students through Art work displayed throughout the school and Bermuda and an annual Practical Arts Showcase when parents are invited to come and see for themselves the talented and innovative displays.

"Primary five: Elsie Hastings, Warwick Academy...Primary six: first place Siena Jabon, Warwick Academy, and third place, Zoe Moniz, Warwick Academy...

Middle school winners: first place Amy Palmer, Saltus Grammar, second place Yasmin Burt, Bermuda High School (BHS) and third place Liam Flannery, Warwick Academy" (The Royal Gazette, 2014).

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was on hand to give Warwick Academy students a lesson in the importance of the culinary arts yesterday.

The students were taking part in Food Revolution Day, a campaign launched by Mr Oliver to demonstrate the importance of being able to cook and how it can impact health.

Read the full article on the Royal Gazette website.

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