Welcome to Music at Warwick Academy

The aim of the Warwick Academy music department is to give every student the opportunity to make music a meaningful and productive part of their lives. Regardless of chosen profession, it is possible for music to become a place of refuge, and enrichment in one's life. To this end the Music Department strives to educate its students so that they are informed and equipped to make a life time of music making and enjoyment a possibility.

The Department currently has 7 main areas of focus:

  1. Music instruction in theory and practical from Year 1
  2. String class for Y5 & select Y6 students
  3. Music theory extension for Y6
  4. General Music for Y7-9
  5. Practical and Theory studies for Music Students Y7-11
  6. Instrumental Music Ensembles for music students.
  7. More in-depth music study for Music GCSE students (Y10 & 11) and IB students (Y12 & 13).

The instruction for our music students can simply be described as a hybrid program that uses elements from the North American and UK education systems and students are taught by music specialists from Year 1 to Year 13. Music classes currently meet three (Y7 & 8) and two (Y9-11) times a week for lessons during the school day. The classes are given instrumental and music theory lessons on alternate days of the week. Instrumental lessons take the North American approach and Theory lessons the UK approach which includes ABRSM Music theory grades 1-6 and the British National Curriculum. Supplemental studies are also given from the Music Matters text on occasion to further prepare our students for the GCSE format.

One of the mandatory requirements for music students is membership in one or two of the school's main ensembles based on their playing ability. The Senior Music Department currently hosts the following ensembles:
Junior & Senior Concert Bands
Junior & Senior Strings
Full Orchestra & Electric Strings
Junior & Senior Jazz Band
Brass Quintet
The ensembles are featured in the three Music Concerts given each school year.


Winter Concert, 6 Dec 2014

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