The Arts at Warwick Academy are split among the three departments Drama, Music and Practical Arts.

To produce students who can rise to the challenge of the vagrancies of life is constantly our goal. One of the ways we do this is to expose students to an array of opportunities such as taking part in our drama productions. This week we have seen a huge cast of all ages return to Frisco ' 77, San Francisco in the 1970s, and experience the politics, social issues and problems of life at that time.

"Primary five: Elsie Hastings, Warwick Academy...Primary six: first place Siena Jabon, Warwick Academy, and third place, Zoe Moniz, Warwick Academy...

Middle school winners: first place Amy Palmer, Saltus Grammar, second place Yasmin Burt, Bermuda High School (BHS) and third place Liam Flannery, Warwick Academy" (The Royal Gazette, 2014).

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was on hand to give Warwick Academy students a lesson in the importance of the culinary arts yesterday.

The students were taking part in Food Revolution Day, a campaign launched by Mr Oliver to demonstrate the importance of being able to cook and how it can impact health.

Read the full article on the Royal Gazette website.


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