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Message from the Head of Secondary, Anne Coakley


Greetings Parents/Guardians, 


The Student Council have provided us a fun week with students and staff coming up with ideas for the various themes of Spirit Week. To end the week Maliani Romeo and Justin Caisey, the President and Vice-President, presented a cheque for Bda$3,025, raised this week to the director of Big Brothers and Sisters. We also enjoyed a video the student council made linking music from the 1960's to present time. Congratulations to all the students involved and for a great week.


Camille Chin-Gurrett's presentation in Monday's assembly was about her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition, which she completed last summer. This took place in Zambia and included trekking as well as a community action project. A great experience and one ahead for our Bronze and Silver groups who have completed expeditions here in Bermuda recently.


We seem to be dominating in many sports this year and had wonderful results from the Inter-school Cross-Country competition this week. Mr. Thorne held trials the previous week to select strong teams and help students become familiar with the course and it obviously paid off. Full details can be viewed below.


It was very pleasing to see the number of Secondary school students who assisted with the Primary school production last night and helped to make it a huge success. Lighting and sound; Huw Swift, Ethan Sousa, Jack Thorpe, Nathan Cabral and Malcolm Hendrickson and for set design; Magdalena Worman, Natasha Desilva, Kirsten Maske and Cassie Roberts.


This afternoon the LEO club members will be distributing chocolate kisses and messages for Valentine's Day with the funds raised going to the Lions Club.


Tomorrow is Jumble sale from 10am – 3pm in the PPMH.


Jazz Gala tickets are selling fast for the event to be held in the PPMH on the 24th February. You can book via this link: see more details below.


Y13 reports have been emailed and posted on the VLE. Please review and discuss with your child the strategies teachers have suggested. Y11 and Y13 students should be following their review schedule now although I'm not sure many books will be taken by the Y11 skiing.


Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing week ahead.



Merit Winners 29th January - 3rd February, 2018
Congratulations to Huw Swift on reaching 125 merits, to Gloria Candiolo achieving 75 merits and to the following for 50 merits Noah Hayward, Keyan Webb, Daniel Bishop, Matthew Brookes, Isabella Gaugain, Ashton Butterfield, Treena Todd and Amber Simons.

Year 7-9 Key Stage 3
=12 Merits Gloria Candiolo Y8 Morgan
Huw Swift Y8 Robertson
10 Merits Syla De Moura Y7 Patton
=9 Merits Roxy Crockwell-Laurent Y8 Morgan
Sarah Cross Y8 Rhodes

Year 10-13 Key Stage 4
10 Merits Zebedee Wakely Y12 Rhodes
8 Merits An Mei Daniels Y10 Rhodes
7 Merits Shani Tucker Y11 Robertson'

House Standings
Robertson 2567
Patton 2526
Morgan 2457
Rhodes 2299


Students in the News:
The information included in this section has been provided to us by a variety of sources i.e. parents and the media, and is for general information purposes only. Warwick Academy apologises for errors or omissions in the contents.

Sport Reports:

We have just learnt that both the Primary and Middle school teams won their respective divisions from the KPMG Front Street Mile and received the plaques back after narrowly losing them last year. Congrats to all runners again.

Anna Francoeur, Bella Charleson, Azalea Pontes and Gianna Webbe will be part of the Bermuda Gymnastics team attending the IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics competition in Chicago, Illinois from 9th-11th February, 2018. The Bermuda team will join hundreds of talented young athletes in this three day long competition. In further competition news, Jasmine McIntosh, Sanaa Simmons, Azalea Pontes, Bella Charleson and Holly Wakely will be joining a 25-strong Bermuda Gymnastics team attending the Disney Presidential Classic Gymnastics competition in Orlando, Florida from 16th-19th February, 2018. Good luck Bermuda Gymnastics!


Middle School
Tuesday, under bright and truly gorgeous conditions, Warwick travelled to the Arboretum to see how they could compete against the other schools in cross-country.
First up was the U13 girls division and we could not have started better as we had Adrianna Argent finish 1st, Daria Desmond 2nd and Shayla Cann 6th to set up a great foundation for the team event which needed 5 runners to score out of a possible 8 athletes. Our 4th runner Isabella Howes finished 13th and Ashley DaSilva 19th to give us 1st place in the team competition with 52 points. Others who ably supported the team were: Jenna Ferreira (37), Malikah Tankard (45), Samara Darrell (52) and reserve Syla De Moura was allowed to run and placed (60) out of 77 runners.
In the U13 boys division we may have only had one individual medallist, Tajai Goater who placed 3rd, however all our runners ran consistently well to earn us 2nd place in the team event with the following results: Kaej Stovell (12), Kwame Naylor (13), Keyan Webb (20), Harlan Watson-Brown (22), Flynn Watson-Brown (23), Max Reid (26) and Noel Johnston (32) out of close to 80 runners.
Moving on to the O13 girls division we had high hopes of doing well knowing we had the KPMG winner, Taylor White in our team. Taylor did not disappoint by storming her way to a comprehensive victory with her support leading us to another 2nd place in the team event. Our runners finished like this: Taylor White (1), Tayla Horan (9), Megan Johnston (12), Zemira Webb (14), Catherine Camara (16), Connie Betts (21), Treena Thomas (23) out of 69 runners.
Finally, in the O13 boys division we did not have any individual medallists in what was a very strong division, but we battled very hard to finish a very respectable 3rd in the team event out of 8 schools. Our runners were: Sam Williamson (7), Thierry Burgess (11), Andre Mussenden (12), Leo Foster (20), Cameron Morris (30), Finn Moseley (33), James Luckham (34) and Malachi Henry (35). Malachi and Cameron moved up an age group due to withdrawals from this team.
I congratulate all runners for their great efforts today and want to take the opportunity to thank the parents who helped drive, as well as Zebedee Wakely and Emma Williamson for also supporting with photos.

High School
Thursday proved to be another successful day for the WA runners as we won two of the four categories and placed second and third in the others. Below please find all our results.

U16 girls - 1st place with a team total of 31 points from our first 5 runners.
3rd - Marian Chevereau
4th - Skyler Powell
5th - Logan Watson-Brown
8th - Gabriela Pitman
11th - Brianna Mawer
12th - Amber Simons

U16 boys – 1st place with a team total of 50 points from our first 5 runners.
2nd - Nick Pilgrim
7th - Caleb Ingham
8th - Adam McDonald
11th - Andrew DaSilva
22nd - Adam Perry
30th - Onuri Smith

O16 girls – 2nd place with 46 points from our first 5 runners.
6th - Ariel Taylor
7th - Alyssa Rowse
8th - Cara Mallon
11th - Riley Jackson
14th - Camille Chin-Gurret
19th - Mya Furbert-Jacobs

O16 boys – 3rd place with 48 points from our first 5 runners.
2nd - Quincy Kuzyk
7th - Lewis Sweeney
11th - Patrick Quinn
12th - Ben Crayford
16th - Jude Moseley
20th - Matisse Bascome
21st - Joshua Thorne

Note: Mr. Thorne wants to also recognize and thank Zebedee Wakely and Steven Camara for assisting with set up of HOUSE cross country event last week along with support from Mrs. Butterfield-Wallbank. He'd also like to thank Macy Aicardi, Zebedee again as well as sports captains: Camille Chin-Gurret, Patrick Quinn and Yasmin De Graff for their support at the recent inter-school cross country. Patrick and Camille also ran extremely well.


Middle Girls
WA 1 vs. BHS 18
On Thursday a very talented group of Warwick girls travelled to the BHS for their opening game of the season.
Starting confidently we scored off our first attack, but BHS reminded us as to why they were this year's undefeated netball champions, when they matched us step for step and in fact took a 4 point lead into the half time break. Warwick needed to be far more aggressive, especially in the rebounding department and we had to stop turning the ball over so easily. Of course we also had to start making our shots and I wondered if BHS would ever miss theirs.
We opted to bring Jesse DeBraga into the game, someone very talented, but left on the bench as she was carrying a slight knock. Jesse's positive energy immediately injected new life into our game and several break away chances later, along with great shooting from newcomer Kaylee Trott brought us level going into the last minute of the game. Was our comeback possible? Unfortunately on this occasion it was not to be, as BHS remarkably maintained their terrific shooting display by scoring the last basket of the game to earn themselves the narrowest of wins by 18 points – 16.
Fortunately we get an opportunity to play this team again, but this time at Warwick Academy and we will most definitely do our best to remind them why we were league CHAMPIONS last year. Stay tuned!
Kaylee Trott was our MVP scoring 10 points while also delivering several long range passes and an abundance of energy on defense.
Warwick Team: Kaylee Trott, Jessie DeBraga, Zemira Webb, Ellie Richmond, Sanaa Burgess, Tayla Horan, Kayley Hamilton, Connie Betts, Malikah Tankard and Layla Perry-Burrows.

Middle Boys
WA 12 vs. Whitney 20
The cubs made plans to have an open pit braai Friday evening and delicately barbecue the Whitney Bulls until the meat fell freely of the bones. However the Bulls had other plans, they stayed for dinner and smacked back on cub succotash with a side of scones.
The Bulls were a seasoned squad with players who have finally come into their prime. They were poised and applied full court pressure from the start, everywhere we turned was like stepping on a land mine.
The Bulls took an early lead and would not let go, the cubs tried to fight back but it was as if we were not even invited to our own show.
We turned over the ball, threw passes to players with their backs turned and tried to play hero ball. That means going one on five, doing far more than your share and acting like your 6 foot 5 when you are really only 4 feet tall.
We tried man to man, because the zone was being picked apart by outside shots. But that proved to be less intimidating and instead of us the Bulls lit the fire under their pots.
The game was getting away from us and then our captains Joshua Dears and Lucas Young hit two clutch back to back 3 pointers to close the gap to an 8 point lead. We thought this was the start of a Herculean comeback, but Zeus struck us down with body blows and we continued to internally bleed.
We lost the fight and our team clearly needs to work on execution, defensive pressure, breaking a press and transitioning to offense in the heat of battle. We looked like cowboys at a rodeo trying to ride a wild bull without a rope or a saddle.
The cubs will go hungry tonight and will have to wait until next week to find some tender morsels to fill their bellies. Hopefully we'll find some crackers on the field with a left over container of smuckers grape jelly.

WA 12 vs. Saltus 7
Foraging for meals is something the cubs really don't like to do. These new fancy state of the art trash bins with flapping lids are really hard to climb into!
So spending the week watching the food cooking network in hopes of learning a new technique to cook our catch started to get on the cubs last nerves. We climbed out of the escape hatch and headed to towards town to set a tap for some Saltus birds.
Both teams were equally matched in size, poise and skill. Clearly this was the case because we needed overtime to seal the deal.
We brought more pressure on the ball handlers this time with the use of a 1 – 3 – 1 defensive set. Cameron
Morris deflected pass after pass and Sam Williamson ran the baseline to thwart corner shots and keep their balls out of the net.
The idea was to trap anyone with the ball in the deep corner or on the wing. The plan worked well when the cubs bought in, causing that Saltus quail to find a new song to sing!
A low scoring affair which was truly a result of poor execution and not moving the ball. We could easily have scored 10 more points but our attacks on the rim just didn't fall.
Regulation ended with a total of 14 points between both teams. Ok, ok that's 7 points each – do a little mathematics please!
Finally the breaks we needed. A steal by Cameron Morris resulted in a chance for two free throws at the charity line. He missed the first and sank the second, but the clock seemed to stand still and refused to lose time. Now here comes Brother Cub Ajani Richardson with a steal of his own. He got tripped and fouled, then a few tempers flared – which is something I don't condone. Play the game hard and make the opponent feel like his sneakers are just on loan. Like you went out to eat, enjoyed your T-bone steak and he is left with scraps and bones! In other words, use your game to bring fame to your name and let the final score inflict the pain. Ajani stepped to the line wincing in pain. He missed the first shot but I could not complain. We encouraged from the side-line and no doubt that brother came through. He dropped the second shot and looked at me like, coach don't worry, I got you!
One minute was left and I tried to get the cubs to pass and move the ball. However, one of our captains had another agenda which caused to me to have a slight involuntary spastic seizure type episode which nearly made me slam my whole body up against the wall.
The shot was made. My scream of No...... went to Oh...... and that was the end of the game.
The cubs decided on a bon fire and plan to roast the quail after marinating in a special batch of Lowery's seasoning sauce. Cubs! Eat well, clean your teeth before bed and don't forget the dental floss.
Stay tuned for the next bear sighting.
Senior Girls

WA 13 vs. Berkeley 21
On Friday 2nd February the ladies hosted their first home game of the season against Berkeley. The team were feeling very nervous about the game, and were missing top scorer Yasmin De Graff. From the tip, however, the team were poised and ready for the task ahead, any concerns or worries quickly dissipated. The level of effort and energy was excellent and they had Berkeley on the back foot (something I don't think they were expecting). G'Zai Dyer, Ahziah Hunt and Ryley Mason linked well to bring the ball up and Mika Woods, Riley Jackson and Amber Simons worked hard in defense to rebound and box out. The hard work and effort was paying off and the girls began to grow in confidence. For any basket Berkeley scored Warwick were hot on their heels, and at around 30 minutes the game was tied at a low scoring, 10-10. With about 5 minutes to go, our fitness began to wane a little and Berkeley suddenly turned on their driving ability, foul trouble on our part also gave them some extra free throws. They final score was 13-21, on reflection this maybe doesn't give a true picture of how awesome all of our ladies were. I couldn't be more proud of them! Well done all!
Team; G'Zai Dyer, Ahziah Hunt, Riley Jackson, Ryley Mason, Mika Woods, Naomi Proctor, Hannah Fletcher, Amber Simons, McKenzie Kohl Tuckett and Kiana Cann.

WA 28 vs. MSA 19
After two narrow defeats, the ladies went to MSA and recorded a richly deserved first victory of the season, which their recent performances had warranted. In what proved a very commanding and mature performance by all. From the tip Warwick won the ball and Yasmin De Graff was able to convert a lay-up and forced the foul for a free throw. This start gave the ladies the confidence they needed to remain in control for the rest of the game. It was impressive to see so many of the team getting on the score sheet; G'Zai Dyer, Naomi Proctor, Amber Simons, Mika Woods and Ryley Mason. As a result of solid defence and communication in offence the team won 19-28. A well-deserved win! Onto our next challenge, a tournament at CederBridge on Monday 19th February.
Team; Yasmin De Graff, G'Zai Dyer, Ahziah Hunt, Riley Jackson, Ryley Mason, Mika Woods, Naomi Proctor, Hannah Fletcher, Amber Simons, McKenzie Kohl Tuckett and Kiana Cann.
Thank you to all the parents and staff for your support at both games, it is very much appreciated.

BFA Football

WA U13 4 vs. Cedar 0
The U13s were convincing winners and Connie Betts was in good form, keeping a pleasing clean sheet this week. Playing good football throughout the result was never in doubt with Ellie Richmond (2), AsiaLeigh Hollis and Tayla Horan scoring our goals.

Team: Connie Betts, Amelie Argent, Megan Johnston, Taylor Crichlow, Catherine Camara, Kaila Cook, Ellie Richmond, Tayla Horan, Amari Trott, Ashley DaSilva, AsiaLeigh Hollis and Majesty Wilson.



Upcoming Events:

Saturday, 10th February – WA Jumble Sale from 10am – 3pm in the PPMH. Thank you for your continued support.

Monday, 12th through Friday, 16th February – HALF-TERM BREAK

Wednesday, 21st February, Year 9 Parent Teacher Conference 4:15-7pm in the PPMH.

Saturday, 24th February – Car Wash for the Washington trip, from 9am-1pm, near the Basketball court.

Saturday, 24th February – WA Jazz Gala Evening in the PPMH at 6:30pm. Featuring guest saxophonist: Albert Riviera, special performances by local artists Shine Hayward, Shelton Bean and Raymond George. Tickets on sale via our website $65 per person, includes small plate dinner. A silent auction, cash bar and dance floor will be provided as well.

Monday, 26th February, Year 7 Parent Teacher Conference 4:15-7pm in the PPMH.



Warwick Academy Parent Teacher Association (WAPTA):
Monday, 5th February WAPTA Raffle 2018 launch day - Raffle tickets have been sent home with students this week, along with the dates to sell them outside the grocery stores. We appreciate your support.

WAPTA Middle School Glow Party Friday, 2nd March 7-10pm in the PPMH. Years 7-9 only. Admission $10, includes glow necklace and bracelet). Students may invite 1 guest, snacks, drinks and low items available for purchase. For security purposes, the gates will close at 8pm and re-open at 9:30pm. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, 28th February. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



External Notices/Activities:
Please note that items mentioned in this section of the newsletter are not Warwick Academy events and are not affiliated with the school. Supporting details/fliers/order or registration forms for out of school activities/notices can be viewed on the VLE - Fliers/Notices.

• Elbow Beach Tennis Camp - Camp dates are 12th - 16th February and will run from 9-1pm with early drop off starting at 8:30am. Please view the VLE for the camp registration form.

• JUMP CAMP – Mid-term break 14th-16th February @ CedarBridge Academy Gym, 8:30am-4:00pm
No jumping experience required! Ages 6-16, Boys & Girls! Camp fee is Bda$100 which includes a camp shirt for the first 50 signed up! Registration form is posted on the VLE.
• P.A.L.S is holding its 30th Annual Fun Run/Walk on Sunday, 18th February at 8:30am. Start and finish at P.A.L.S. headquarters at 18 Point Finger Road. Three different lengths of course to choose; 3K, 5K or 10K, all for the low price of Bda$15 (age 5-15) per person and Bda$30 per adult. Prizes given for the school (3 categories - high school, middle school and primary school) with the most participants and also for the individual student that raises the most pledges. To register as a group send list of names, dob, telephone/email and address with credit card details. You can register as a group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; No collection of items on the day of walk. Carolyn Arnold or Lynette Waldron in the Front Office for walk registration.

• KPMG 20th Anniversary Round the Grounds Running Race - Sunday, 11th March, 2018 at 1pm.
We have a new route for this year as well as a shorter distance for 13-18 year olds. Registration is online at The deadline for online entries is Friday, 9th March at 5:00pm. Paper entries must be dropped off at Sportseller, Washington Mall in the KPMG box no later than 4:45pm on Wednesday, 7th March at 4.45pm. Cash only.

• Art Studio Classes – Saturdays, 21st April through 16th June, 2018 with Louisa Bermingham. Primary 4-6 students from 9-10am, Middle School students Y7-9 from 10-11am. Bda$300 per child, at Warwick Academy. If interested, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• The Royal Bermuda Regiment Marching Band – Looking for music students, aged 15-22 from 1st April – 31st July. Two rehearsals weekly and additional performances as required. Paid rehearsals and performances. Uniforms provided. Applicants must be physically robust and able to perform at minimum Grade 3 level, higher preferred. If you know of any interested students or if you have any inquiries please contact the Band Office on (441) 238-2470 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for your consideration and support of the Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.


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