Career Guidance at Warwick Academy is a multi-faceted approach which includes classroom lessons, individual sessions, guest speakers, Work Experience opportunities, opportunities in the community, and events such as Career Day and Professional Business Dress Days in the Sixth Form.

Career guidance begins with an online student created database to complete interest inventories which help them determine their strengths and aptitudes and how those translate into careers.  Topics covered through the online software include Interest Matches, Interest Profiles, Job Selections, and Universities.  Students also examine topics such as what they should be thinking about in terms of careers at this point, what young people are looking for in careers, what constitutes a good job, what makes people happy in their careers, and what would make them happy in a career.  Additionally, students take assessments on what type of learners they are, relate this to careers, and write a personal statement in preparation for university applications.  Students have assignments related to the outcomes of both the interest inventories and learner profiles. 

Every other year, starting in 2014, students participate in a Career Day where professionals from the community come and share their experiences and information about their careers.  Additionally, the students in the Sixth Form have a weekly University Prep (U-Prep) course designed to help them prepare for their futures.  They gain knowledge and information through intensive sessions on how to apply to colleges and universities, what you will need, as well as career guidance.  Admissions representatives from College and Universities in the U.K., U.S. and Canada visit the school and discuss their institution, admissions requirements, and answer questions.

The scholarship process is discussed and encouragement is given on how to maximize the many financial opportunities open to the students.  Sixth Form students also have sessions on resume writing and interview tips and professionals from the community come to speak with students during assemblies and University Prep classes. 

Students have the opportunity in Year 10 to participate in a two-day Work Experience Program, and students in Year 12 and Year 13 have the choice to use their Thursday Activity Afternoons for Work Experience.  Also, in Year 12 and 13, students participate in Professional Business Dress Days, where one day a month, they come to school in professional business attire in order to prepare them for the world of work.  Finally, students have access to the Career Counsellor, for questions regarding Careers, for Mock Interviews, and for tips and techniques on resume building, interview skills, subject options as they relate to careers and college and university entrance.

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