Pastoral philosophy within the Primary section at Warwick Academy is one of positive discipline. We use the Quality Circle Time model (developed by Jenny Mosley) as a basis for our positive behaviour management approach. This model interweaves a behaviour management system with a process of personal and social education. It works on the idea that the best way to promote positive behaviour and respectful relationships is through working on moral development within a clear structure. Students practice The Golden Rules, a set of six values which bring the concepts of morality and responsibility to the forefront of children's minds, enabling them to become productive members of the school, and ultimately, the community. Children learn to make better choices.

The Golden Rules

We are gentle. We don't hurt others.
We are kind and helpful. We don't hurt anybody's feeling.
We listen. We don't interrupt.
We are honest. We don't cover up the truth.
We work hard. We don't waste our own or other's time.
We look after property. We don't waste or damage things.
(Jenny Mosley)

Each Friday, pupils participate in Golden Time. Golden Time is a community celebration within Primary, a special reward session for pupils who have kept the school values. Teachers, often supported by parents, introduce fun activities for the children to participate in. Activities include but are not limited to, swimming, parachute games, arts & crafts, dance activities, spa experiences, ICT time, play dough, board games, Lego and scooter board activities and more.

As part of this model, Circle Time sessions are used by teachers to educate children about expected behaviour, and also to address any general concerns raised by staff, parents or the pupils themselves. During 'Circle Time' children share their ideas and concerns and work to solve any issues that have been raised with the guidance of the adult leading the session. The adult acts as a facilitator, whilst the children learn to problem solve and take more ownership of ensuring a happy and constructive learning environment for all.

In the Secondary section the student's welfare and happiness is very important to us and Y7 students are particularly well supported to ensure their smooth transition from Primary school.

Every year group has a dedicated Head of Year who has detailed knowledge of all the students and constantly track their academic and personal development. They are supported by a team of homeroom tutors who meet with the students every day giving guidance and support and establishing a close relationship with them. The homeroom tutor communicates regularly with the Head of Year who is the link between parents and the school, facilitating communication and arranging meetings.

Making sure that students are safe, welcome and ready to learn is a high priority at Warwick Academy. Learning to take responsibility for their own progress and behaviour is a focus for our students and there are clear systems for monitoring behaviour and identifying need for further intervention. We understand that young people will make mistakes and provide the opportunity for them to learn from these and make changes.

Through our Honour and Merit system we recognize the many achievements of our students in Academics, Drama, Sport, Music and Community service. We have a very diverse student body and enjoy celebrating their achievements and sharing their involvement in the community and overseas.

Our Student Council provides students with a voice, encouraging them to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their school. They make recommendations for change and organize School Spirit events encouraging pride in their school.

The Guidance and Learning Enrichment Department promote student success by identifying student needs and implementing a comprehensive program that addresses academic, career and personal/social development. There are two counsellors offering services including individual and group counselling, referral services, Individual Learning Profile creation, crisis intervention, case conferences and guidance related staff development.

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