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Message from the Head of Primary, Maria Woods


Greetings Parents/Guardians,


In assembly this week we celebrated the IB Learner Profile 'Open- Minded' and Mr. Horan explained to children what this meant. We also celebrated three of our Year 6 students who received IB Learner Profile Certificates for being 'Principled' because of the way they handled a tricky situation last week.


It has been a busy week from the point of view of field trips this week. Year 1 students visited the Aquarium, Year 4 students visited the Bermuda National Gallery and Year 5 and Year 6 students visited the America's Cup Village to take part in the Endeavour Education Stations. All of these opportunities are fantastic ways for children to learn through hands on experience and I appreciate the fact that our teaching staff work to make these visits possible. I also thank parents who offer to drive/support us to make these visits possible. Linked to this subject I had an enquiry about seatbelt use for transporting children to and from events. Of course if parent cars are used the parents taking children do ensure seatbelts are used. When we use mini buses, taxis or public buses of course seatbelts are not compulsory and in some cases are not installed. We do of course do our utmost to make sure where we can that vehicles do have seatbelts and that they are used by the children. However we do recommend that if this is something that you worry about in particular and we are using public transport, taxis or a mini bus provided by the location we are visiting, you may wish to enquire about driving your child to the event and returning to pick up your child to bring them back to school rather than rely on transport provided.


Next week is our penultimate week of school. There are more field trips next week as Year 6
students head off to go on their end of year, and rite of passage, Year 6 camping trip. On
Wednesday evening we have the Orientation Evening for parents of new children joining
Warwick Academy Primary (R - Y6) in September. Then on Friday all year groups have their
class parties.
Next week will be the last week of After School Clubs and Activities.


Tonight I will be attending the Denton Hurdle Awards Ceremony. At this event nominated
student athletes from all schools on the island (they need to be hardworking and great athletes
to be nominated, and in their last year of primary school) attend to see who will be chosen to
be winners in each category (boy and girl for each age group ). In Primary this year we have
Charlie Thompson and Adriana Argent as our nominees and we wish them lots of luck.


Have a lovely long weekend and enjoy Heroes' Day.



In this section of the newsletter we will mention children who have done well in school organised competitions or external competitions entered by the school. Individual successes are now celebrated in Lower Primary and Upper Primary Assemblies and trophies, certificates, letters etc. can be brought in to show during these assemblies on a weekly basis.

IB Learner Profile Certificates
Open Minded:
• Means that students know that it is OK to be different.
• Means that students listen to and respect other's ideas, suggestions and criticism.
Mirabella Lohan, Odin Flanagan, Catherine Maddocks, Anna Friston, Noah Fulton, Charlette Pantry, Tristan Shah, Freya Lill, Nate Shead, Benjamin Wells, Colin Paxton, Tyler Rossouw, Gianna Pedro, Billie-Rose Kempe, Ryan Carruthers, Diego Brown, Jai Warner, Drew Outerbridge, Copper White, Celeste Candiolo, Matthew Arruda, Noel Johnston, Treasure Lindsay, Keira Correia

Students that are principled do the right thing.
lyana Smith, Sanaa Simmons, Shane Powell-Hayward

Y5 Healthy Lunch Box Awards
Tom Wells, Kayden Bolin, Xahvi DeRoza, Alessio Ferigo, Dylan Ingham, Lola Pimentel-Barker, Jonah Simmons


First – Rhodes
Joint Second - Morgan & Robertson
Fourth – Patton


Term 3 Dates – all dates can be found on FROG

• Monday 19th June – National Heroes Day – no school
• Wednesday 21st June 6.15pm – Orientation Evening for new parents joining Primary (R – Y6)- parking on basketball court
• Wednesday 21st – Fri 23rd June – Y6 camping trip
• Friday 23rd June – R - Y5 Class Parties
• Wednesday 28th June am – Swaparoo Day
• Wednesday 28th June 2pm– Y6 Celebration Assembly – parents of Y6 students welcome
• Thursday 29th June – last day of term – early dismissal – reminder of times will be put on Friday email closer to time (will be the same as for Term 1 and Term 2). Reports sent out by email on this day.


EXTERNAL EVENTS/NOTICES – Please note that items mentioned in this section of the newsletter are not Warwick Academy events and are not affiliated in any way to the school.

For information on what is on offer at the library this month go to

Saturday Art Studio classes in September
Louisa Bermingham will be offering Saturday Art Studio for primary level and Middle level starting in September!

Classes will be held in the Warwick Academy Art room on Saturdays afternoons.

Primary Art Studio
This is an opportunity for your child to explore a variety of different materials and techniques. A focus will be to provide in depth exploration of various artistic styles and materials while investigating various artists. Emphasis will be on individual expression.
Block printing, papier mache sculpture, india ink, charcoal drawing.
Primary 4 - 6 (but please touch base if you have a particularly keen lower primary student interested, as I can put together a small cohort of a younger group)
2pm - 3pm WA secondary art room (under the PPMH)
10 classes (Sept 24th, Oct 1, 8, 15, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3 and 10)
Fee: $360 including all supplies

Middle school Art Studio
Portfolio and skill development (for, but not limited to, middle school ages and ART GCSE candidates )This class is designed with the ART GCSE candidate in mind, with sketchbook and skill development and a focus on exploring and experimenting with master techniques and artistic styles.
Middle School 7 - 9 (but I can also support year 10 and 11 as they do their course work for the Art GCSE)
3:30pm - 5pm WA secondary art room (under the PPMH)
10 classes (Sept 24th, Oct 1, 8, 15, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3 and 10)
Fee: 360 dollars including all supplies

Please email for a registration form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each art project will have a DBAE approach including Art production, Art history, Art Aesthetics and Art Criticism presented in a fun and engaging atmosphere. I engage students with a variety of materials and skills with a focus on introducing projects that are beyond what the regular school setting can provide.

Louisa Bermingham BFA, MAT. I am currently a part time art teacher at BHS and have worked for 18 years teaching art in various settings on the island from primary through college level. I am also a practicing artist with artwork in public and private collections.

ENCORE - Creative & Performing Arts specialty camp
This camp has a focus in the areas of MUSIC, DANCE and FINE ARTS. Our campers will be exposed to all three learning disciplines and involved in hands-on lessons covering these courses of study.
For more information go to

117 Middle Road, Warwick, PG 01 Bermuda  •  phone: 441.236.1917  •  fax: 441.236.9995  •  email:

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