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Message from the Head of Primary, Maria Woods


Greetings Parents/Guardians,


You should have received your child's Progress Report this week and notification of whether teachers feel a PTC meeting would be valuable at this point in the year. We will be sending out appointment times for PTCs next week - so keep an eye out for this note in your child's zippy.


I have had a few queries about attendance notation. Please be aware that there are two attendance marks per day (one for morning and one for afternoon) so one marked absence would mean half a day absent. Also should your son or daughter have an appointment that means they are not in class for registration but do arrive later on then please make sure that they (or you) go back to class via the Primary Office so that Mrs. Ferreira can mark them as late and not absent.


On Wednesday it was lovely to see so many of you at the Upper Primary Music Concert. I hope you enjoyed the talent that was on show. I would like to thank the Music Department, especially Mr. Bishop for all their hard work in putting together the show. A special thank you to all who managed to stay for the whole performance and support all the children up there - as getting up on stage can be quite frightening for some and an appreciative audience can make all the difference.


I would like to congratulate all our runners who took part in the Telford Electric Mile at the weekend. The turnout from WA Primary was very impressive and it is always wonderful to see the W.A. PE kit out there at events. This coming weekend we have two running events; Dash at Dark tonight starting at 6.30pm and then KPMG Around the Grounds event on Sunday. Good luck to all our runners out there that are involved in these races.


To finish this week I very much enjoyed visiting classrooms to hand out the first wave of Grub Day certificates to excited children who have managed to sell at least 10 WAPTA raffle tickets. I look forward to having to print off and deliver a lot more over the next week as next Friday is the deadline for all ticket stubs, money and unsold tickets to be in.


On Friday next week we will be supporting a number of students (and parents) who will be having their heads shaved for the St Baldrick's charity - more on this in next week's newsletter.


It was pointed out to me that we had stopped publishing the House Cup information each week in the newsletter. This was an oversight and that information has now been restored and can be found each week in the 'congratulations' section of the newsletter again.


Have a wonderful weekend.



In this section of the newsletter we will mention children who have done well in school organised competitions or external competitions entered by the school. Individual successes are now celebrated in Lower Primary and Upper Primary Assemblies and trophies, certificates, letters etc. can be brought in to show during these assemblies on a weekly basis.

Citizenship Awards
This award is given to a child who is following the Golden Rules (We are gentle, we are kind and helpful, We listen, We are honest, We work hard, We look after property) and is showing his/her teachers that he/she is a good citizen.

Winners for this week were:
Nina Reilly, Zara St. Clair, Ryahn Ball, Sophie Doherty, Max Lacey, Olivia Smith, Ralph Scott, Rhiana Hayward, Xahvi DeRoza, Alexander Harrison, Celeste Candiolo, Malachi Henry, Pippa Charleson, Tujahri Howes

Achievement Awards
This award is given to a child that has made good progress in their work, or has done particularly well in a particular subject area or on a specific task.

Winners for this week were:
Vihaan Seth, Dalton Ansted, Sarai Darrell, Nila Samuels, David Hebbeler, Alexander Thompson, Alexa Patterson, Cara Bernhard, Alex Jarvis, Lindsay Hayward, Jacob Batista, Elie Lorentz-Redfern, Syla de Moura, Arabella Henderson, Daniel Kunst

Raffle Top Weekly Sellers
1. Billie- Rose Kempe, Dylan Ingham
2. Honor Caesar
3. Starr Bowen


First – Rhodes
Second - Robertson
Third – Patton
Fourth – Morgan


Save the Date – fundraising events for the Washington Trip
Upper Primary Disco on March 24th in the PPMH 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. There will be dance competitions and music movies on the big screen. It is $20 dinner included (haystacks and dessert). The form will be out on Monday to sign up for it.
Washington Trip Cake Raffle on 23rd March. Tickets are 50 cents each. More information to follow.


Term 2 Dates

• Friday 17th March - St Baldrick's WA shave off day
• Wednesday 22nd & Monday 27th March – Optional Primary PTC meetings
• Wednesday 29th March – Grandparent Open Morning (for grandparents/ special adults in your child's life (outside their parents) to see the school-more information to follow)
• Thursday 30th March – Easter Competition and Kite flying day
• Friday 31st March – last day of term – early dismissal
 Reception – between 12noon and 12.15pm
 Y1 – Y3 (and older Primary siblings) 12.15pm
 Y4 – Y6 – 12.30pm
 Secondary – 1.15pm
Children in Reception to Year 6 who need to wait for children in Year 7 to Year 13 must wait in the Primary Lunch Quad area, where older siblings will come and collect them at 1.15pm. They are not to wander to another part of the school to wait (as there is no adult supervision anywhere else). Reception siblings will be brought down at 12.15pm.

We recommend that any Reception parents who are not picking up older siblings come for 12noon promptly - to avoid the heavy traffic that will be around from 12.15.


Warwick Academy Parent Teacher Association (WAPTA):

SAVE THE DATE: Events for 2016-17
Please note details of specific events will be sent out a few weeks before the event and also posted on the FROG VLE, under the WAPTA section.
Sat. 25th March – Raffle Draw and Wine Tasting
Sat. 20th May – Movie Night


EXTERNAL EVENTS/NOTICES – Please note that items mentioned in this section of the newsletter are not Warwick Academy events and are not affiliated to the school.

This event will take place will take place on Sunday 19th March at 3:00 p.m. in the PPMH here at Warwick Academy

This event is next Thursday March 16 at Goslings on Dundonald Street.
Go along and enjoy good food and wine, and the wide variety of local art available to buy in silent auction. Art has been kindly donated by Meredith Andrews, JP Rouja, and Katherine Summerville to name a few.

The event is titled Transformation to reflect the school's mission to transform lives through education. The Adult Education School is a vital organization in Bermuda that needs community support. Based on Dundonald Street in Hamilton, the school aims to help students who have not succeeded in traditional schooling reach their educational, training, career and personal goals. The school welcomes students from 16 years old who are seeking high school equivalency diplomas (GED), as well as students with a general desire to improve their basic literary, numeracy and computing skills.

Tickets can be bought for $45 each from the Adult Education School, or you can pay at the door on the night.

I am excited about my Kids Standup Paddleboarding Summer Camp. I teach groups of 5, so if you would like to get a group of friends together that would be great!

The kids love it, because they get to have an oceanic adventure seeing turtles, rays, all sorts of interesting fish – exploration of the land and beaches. We also snorkel and I teach a bit of swimming and lifesaving skills. The kids should feel confident in the water, swim a little and be able to float. They will be wearing a life jacket but water confidence is a must. (I will also be teaching swimming privately (at your pool) in May – June if you would like to contact me about that as well).

• July & August
• ½ days Monday - Friday
• 9 – 12 am or 1 – 4pm
• $275 for the week
• Ages 5 – 10
• Location – wind / age dependent
• Groups of 5 children

Please e-mail me for a registration form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amanda Lohan – P.E. teacher for 22 years, Swimming Teacher for 24 years and R.L. S.S Lifesaving instructor for 15 years.

SPRING ART STUDIO – Louisa Bermingham
Building Forms: a focus on sculpture!
I am excited to offer two weeks of Art Studio camp exploring a variety of sculptural methods including: assemblage, additive sculpture, carving or subtractive sculpture, relief sculpture and casting with a variety of materials including papier-mâché, clay, plaster of paris, wire, and found objects. We will look at sculpture styles and artists through history.
• Art Studio Camp location – Warwick Academy
• April Break Art Studio Camp: April 3 - 7th
• April Break Art Studio Camp: April 10 - 14th
• 8:30am - 3pm
• fee: $330 per week, or $75 per day.
• Sorry no after camp care
• Registration is open to all students ages 5 - 12
• If there is interest, I can run a concurrent class for older students in year middle school (ages 12, 13, 14) please email me with your interest.
• please email for registration form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Louisa Bermingham BFA, MAT, is currently a part time art teacher at BHS and has worked for 18 years teaching art in various settings on the island from primary through college level. She is also a practicing artist with artwork in public and private collections.

For information on what is on offer at the library this month go to

Registration is now open for the YAO Baseball Bermuda 2017 Spring League (go to for more information and to register your child). The youth programs (T-Ball and Rookie Minors) stress skills training and will teach the children the basics of the game including catching, throwing, hitting and base running. This is a great opportunity to get introduced to the game of baseball right here in Bermuda no matter how much your kids have played before.
As you may know, Adam Hall (now 17) is a Bermudian/Canadian who played in our program through 12 years old – he is currently THE TOP PROSPECT IN ALL OF CANADA and expected to go very high in the draft this year (

'The importance of balance' - By Kate Stewart – Y13

We are all tight ropewalkers, suspended on string. The purpose is to walk from one end to the other. However you are not just walking, but on one shoulder you balance a social life, on the other you balance school and academics. In one hand you hold sports and other passions while in the other, family time and friends. All while attempting to look good.

Life is a balancing act and for me I am always falling.

My name is Kate and some of you may know that I am pretty keen on my sailing; this of course places even more importance on my life's balance. Personally my goals and aspirations are pretty evenly split between sailing and academic achievement however I find I am always playing catch up in both areas regardless of how I try to evenly space my time between them.
I will go overseas to compete in an event with full focus and energy on the competition. Only to return to school feeling out of balance with all the topics and work I have missed.

This year alone I have missed a total of 6 weeks of school. It has definitely taken its toll but I've reached many of my goals for this year, recently including making the New Zealand Olympic Development Team.

On the other side, I return to Bermuda with one week to study for all my mock exams and be in a stressed frenzy to try and memorise two years' worth of bio notes. And you get the point that's not very balanced.

To have balance you must have more than one thing to balance, by fully specialising in one element you lose focus in another and in my opinion this isn't healthy.

Unbalance may mean failing tests but winning matches, unbalance may mean partying all weekend and missing Sunday family dinner.
Balance provides options and what's important right now is keeping options open.

This idea links to the IB as a syllabus- focusing on creating well-rounded people,

How to achieve balance? That is a very good question and I'll let you know when I find out. However through some of my attempts I've worked a couple basic things out, and you have to learn by trying, it's all about effort.

1. No one can balance your life for you. You decide what you view as the most important aspects, this could be a focus on academics because you dream of being a doctor, it could be an art or photography dream even something like a belief in the importance of family plays into ones' life and how you balance and allocate your time. If you're not sure what you want to do keeping options open is even more important. It is a personal prioritization. However having said that it doesn't mean you can't seek help, others opinions and influences help to strength your own views. This could be from teachers, parents, coaches, siblings or friends.

2. Following on from this you must balance your priorities. Finding personal balance is about making goals and structurally how you are going to achieve those goals. This nearly always will include sacrifices. As my father puts it self-discipline, "is doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it". Or the old cliché "no pains no gain".

3. Organisation, my diary is my life. My diary reminded me to write this speech and for me to remember that it's Monday morning and school starts at 8:20, it varies from the necessities to the small details.

4. Be willing to take the risk and put yourself out there. You have to not only set the goal but also commit to it. Knowing that it is a process. To win you also have to participate and that means hard work.

The dictionary definition of balance is "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady." My view is in order to remain steady you must stay fluid; therefore my final point in how to achieve balance is to be adaptable. Life is always changing. And if our balance isn't adapting with those circumstances your goals aren't going to mean as much to you. This may mean you have to redefine your goals.

To summarise all the fluff, 5 points;
1. Personal prioritization, know what you want to do.
2. Balance those priorities.
3. Be organised
4. Take the risk; be prepared to fully commit yourself to the cause.
5. Be adaptable nothing is set in stone.

There really is a number 6 and that it is.... Don't forget to have fun along the way.

The best way to walk a tight rope is to be looking up and forward focused on your end goals.

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