"A unique shop that sells a variety of products, including baked goods and apparel, has opened in Southampton...Tuck Shop has been a long-held dream for Ms Tucker and, with hard work and prayer, she is finally seeing her dream come to fruition.

At the front of the shop it's all baked goods, which are made fresh daily, including homemade cakes, pasties, mille-feuille, apple turnovers, and more. Ms Tucker has adopted a healthy lifestyle and prides her shop on being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly.

"All the pastries and baked goods are made with organic sugar, unbleached flour and aluminium-free baking powder, real butter and eggs, all natural ingredients and non-GMO", she added..."I believe handmade items keep the trades alive," she said. "A lot of jobs are being replaced by machines, that's not just in fashion but in every industry" (The Royal Gazette, 2018).

117 Middle Road, Warwick, PG 01 Bermuda  •  phone: 441.236.1917  •  fax: 441.236.9995  •  email: info@warwick.bm

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