Warwick Academy primary students had an exciting visit in their assembly this morning as Bermudian former football player, Mr. Clyde Best came and shared his story with them. 

"Clyde Best is widely regarded as one of the most influential footballers in history. As one of the first black players to establish himself in Britain's top division, Best was a pioneer for the modern black footballer.

He endured racial abuse and taunting while playing for West Ham United, but overcame adversity with character and dignity to pave the way for the modern black footballer.

During the racially tense time of the 1960's, the wonderfully skilled and powerful striker was an ideal role model both on and off the pitch.

His knack for scoring combined with his ability to maintain composure in the hardest of times led the way for black footballers to follow and his legacy will continue to inspire generations of the future." (Clyde Best, 2018).

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