"Once again, the incredible energy and positivity that adorns our corridors and classrooms are why our school continues to thrive in our community. The talented teachers, dedicated staff, parental support, and enthusiastic students consistently create an environment that brings out the best in everyone. We refer often to our Warwick Academy community as a family, a team that comprises diverse people committed to ensure that life-long learning is at our core" (Colin Smith – Chairman of the Board).


"Our 355th year has been no different to others and this Annual Reoprt captures the name aspects of our school; where curriculum drives us, pastoral care binds us and co-curriculars help us thrie.
What is becoming paramount is how the educational landscape is shifting and how nimble and flexible we need to be whilst being mindful of the values we stand for, our history and traditions and the skills our students will need in their future careers" (Dave Horan – Principal).


Click here to view the Annual Report for 2016-2017.

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