It gives us great pleasure to announce that our students have been outstandingly successful in their recent International Baccalaureate examinations with their results released to them late last week.

It is most pleasing to see the breadth of excellent University offers and degree courses (listed below) which includes, Zach Myers attending Cambridge University, Brian Darling to Warwick University, Hannah Marshall to Stanford University and Cameron Lee-Ming to the University of British Colombia; in addition to many others from around the world. These are well balanced young adults who have immersed themselves in all that Warwick Academy has to offer – Academic, Music, Drama, Sport, Community Service & Leadership programmes – and embark well prepared for what lies ahead.

The Class of 2017 also scored a record number of level 7s & 6s with a third of our results in this category. In addition four students managed 40 or more points which is a first for the school. Overall 88% of our levels were at level 4 or higher across the wide range of subjects on offer including all the Sciences. Our average point score was 32 for the Diploma, again above the world average of 30 points.

46 students graduated this year with 40 of them entering as Diploma students and 6 as Individual Subject students. We achieved an excellent 93% pass rate after entering a record number of students as Diploma candidates. This Diploma pass rate is well above the world average of 79%. In addition, the school achieved a 100% pass rate across the Individual Subjects.

We know how much work goes into the build-up to their final examinations and are tremendously proud of each and every one. We congratulate the Class of 2017 on their achievements and look forward to hearing about their future endeavours and successes. I would also like to thank our staff for the dedication and expertise they have shown in preparing our students and the time they have spent both inside and outside of the classroom with them.

Top IB Diploma performers:
Zach Myers 43
Brian Darling 42
Hannah Marshall 41
Cameron Lee-Ming 40
Tia Froud 39
Kip Malpas 39
Emily Medway 37
India Wilson 36
Sabriyya Harvey 35
Hannah Mallon 35
Lizzy Madeiros 35

Top IB Individual Subject performers:
Alex Beltram
Matthew Meszoly

University Destinations and Degree Courses:
Zach Myers heads to Cambridge University (UK) to read English Literature, Brian Darling to Warwick University (UK) to study Computer Science, Hannah Marshall to Stanford University (USA) to study Chemistry; Cameron Lee Ming to the University of British Colombia (Canada) to study Applied Sciences; Tia Froud heads off on a gap year with Class Afloat and then to Queens University (Canada) to study Commerce; Kip Malpas also heads off to Queens University (Canada) to study Commerce; Emily Medway to Southampton University (UK) to read Geography, India Wilson to the University of Bristol (UK) to study Sociology, Sabriyya Harvey to Mount Allison University (Canada) to study Fine Arts, Hannah Mallon to Surrey University to study Veterinary Medicine and Lizzy Madeiros to Berry College (USA) to study Biology.

Other destinations include: Point Loma of Nazarene University (USA), Trinity Western University (Canada), Plymouth University (UK), Coventry University (UK), Pennsylvania State University (USA), Dalhousie University (Canada), University of the West of England (UK), Acadia University (Canada), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Gloucestershire (UK), Toronto Film School (Canada), University of West London (UK), American International University (UK), Ludwig Maximillian University (Germany), Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain), Barry University (USA), Drexel University (USA), University of Westminster (UK), University of Loughborough (UK), University of Leicester (UK) and two students who will be studying at Universities in Australia and New Zealand.

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