Message from the Principal, Dave Horan


Greetings Parents/Guardians,


Many thanks for your support of the WAPTA Quiz night last Friday. It was an enjoyable event with some very tough questions – thanks Ms Grace!


In this week's newsletter I want to address those questions that I am sure you ask yourself from time to time 'What does Warwick Academy do?' In particular what we do with regards: Air Quality, Water Quality, Campus Security and Network Security & Internet Filtering.


Air Quality
Mold is a constant issue in Bermuda with 'mold season' starting as the weather turns wet generally around October & November. As is evident elsewhere in Bermuda it is something that needs to be monitored regularly and dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. We have in our maintenance plan an annual rotational testing of rooms. We use an outside consultant, Jennifer Currie of Island Air Quality Company, who independently tests samples for mold and other air quality issues. We also target areas of the school that we consider at greater risk of mold development with more frequent testing. Once an area has been tested and if an area shows any health risk to students or staff we go through an immediate and structured abatement process, currently through the services of Carlos Brown from Positive Solutions. We believe that at this point in time we are in an acceptable place with regards air quality in the school buildings.


Water Quality
To ensure clean, safe drinking water and to maintain standards at or above those set by the Bermuda Health Department, our protocols include:
1. Main water tanks are emptied & cleaned every three years (vs. every five years per BHD guidelines)
2. There are three separate 'step water' purification systems (PURA Model #15830131) that are designed to:
a. Remove all particulate in the first filter.
b. Removes any chemical/mineral contaminants in a second carbon based filter.
c. Kill any bacteria in a third ultraviolet filter.
3. All our water fountains around the school have particulate filters and chemical/mineral filters in addition to the main 'step water' systems. A number of these have water bottle filling stations and will produce chilled water and as a result
we have been encouraging students to bring in reusable bottles. These units are also certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards and meets the requirements of the USA Safe Drinking Water Act.


Campus Security
Security is an obvious priority for us and has many tentacles to consider. Here are a number of them:
1. 46 CCTV cameras monitoring the school 24hrs of the day.
2. Protocols for a fire emergency and a lockdown situation.
3. Protocols for students, staff, visitors, contractors and parents to enter and exit the school.
4. Protocols around gate access and perimeter control.
5. Duty staff in locations around the school before school (from 8am), during recess & lunch times and after school (until 3:45pm).
6. An on-campus security guard from 4:30pm to 9:30pm each week day and 8am – 5pm on a Saturday.
7. We engage our community police officer to assess our progress and discuss any concerns.
Further to this we are planning a number of upgrades to our entry/exit systems and further perimeter security over the next year.


Network Security & Internet Filtering
Our approach to the security of our internet environment is multi-layered. We utilize technology protection measures for our end users, PC's and the network. We educate, restrict, supervise and monitor our end users with regard to safe and appropriate online activities. The wide range of users we protect demands that we provide both individual and group access dependent upon their needs. As an example, we must block access to content deemed obscene or harmful to minors and also provide access to content for bona fide research or other lawful purposes. To achieve this we have successfully used Netsweeper, an industry leader in educational content filtering. Our PC's are protected against viruses and malware via regular updates and Symantec Endpoint Protection. We have a military grade firewall product to deliver network security. The ever changing threat landscape requires us to remain vigilant of possible threats both within and outside of our environment.


I must pass on my thanks to our Facilities and Network Departments for their continual attention to these areas. These are ongoing discussions and very important to the well-being of our students and staff and in creating the right atmosphere on campus.


Finally, there is a new link to the Annual Report as FlipGorilla changed it:



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