Message from the Principal, Dave Horan


Greetings Parents/Guardians,


We changed to winter uniform last week and seeing the return of the school blazer got me thinking about how unifying various badges, colours, mottos and songs are for our school. Here are some musings about our school blazer and badge:


It is not simply any blazer with a badge, it is a gateway through which all Warwick Academy students pass.

It is not just embroidered material, it is fabric and a colour that binds us together.

It is not merely a uniform, it represents a school unified.

It is not a blazer that fits only one individual, it is a blazer that fits all students.

It symbolises inspiration, excellence, history and tradition.

It has experienced victory and loss but will never be defeated.

It honours those who have worn it in the past and those who will wear it in the future.


We want our students, staff, parents, alumni and friends of the school to be proud of who we are as a school, what we do and what who we represent. As we near the end of this first term there are so many things we can be proud of and I look forward to celebrating them next week in the end of term Secondary assembly and through the various Primary activities.


Congratulations to all our musicians, support team and staff for their efforts last night at our Winter Music Concert and good luck to all those playing in the various BSSF football semi-finals us proud!

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