Message from the Principal, Dave Horan


Greetings Parents/ Guardians,


I am writing this newsletter from a bitterly cold and wet Vancouver where I have been supporting our U16 Rugby team at a provincial sevens tournament. Thursday was the first day of the tournament which saw WA playing three games against provincial/composite teams (the best from all their schools) winning 1 and losing 2. In those three games they were exposed to an outstanding standard of rugby and battled against extreme weather. As I write this message the team is doing homework to make sure they do not fall behind – vital balance if you ask me.


It is during co-curricular opportunities such as these that so many life lessons are learnt – teamwork, dealing with different conditions, dealing with different opposition, new places to explore, living with others, learning others differences etc.


At the start of the year I mentioned that one focus for the school was connecting with our alumni. Tonight I have the pleasure of meeting up with a number of WA alum who work and study in Vancouver passing on news about the school and showing them that we continue to follow and have an interest in their future. I am also interested in hearing about how they are enjoying their Universities to pass this onto our students. It is vital that we keep all our connections healthy.


I mentioned the word 'balance' above and draw your attention to a speech that Kate Stewart, our Deputy Head Girl, made in the Secondary assembly on Monday. It spoke powerfully to the point that to have balance in your life you must have something to balance. We believe that our students should have co-curricular interests (music, drama, sport, community service, clubs, art etc.) to balance off their academics. I have placed the full transcript of her speech at the end of the newsletter and highly recommend you reading it.

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